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widget. After the 1st year, the price for renewing an album goes up.99, and for a single, the price stays.99. If you have any videos on bealls YouTube or Vimeo, you can add them from the 'Watch me' tab. A great way of ica passively raising awareness of your upcoming shows. So how do you find these blogs? Indiesound needs to be a website on your radar. If their friends then share your music or buy any of your products, they are rewarded with free merch and 20 of the sales go to a charity in the fans name. #30 Find DJs to remix your music post their mixes on Mixcloud When I began my career as a dance music producer (after years of drumming in a metal band?!) I managed to get my music released on various labels by offering to remix their. Easily interact with your favourite artists and content creators. Owned by Universal Music, this service has a unique offering in that as well as distributing your music, they have a team of scouts who have links to A R teams at both Universal Music and Island Records (UK). Sticking a few rambles up on Tumblr is not going to cut. Currently UK focused only. Keep your eye out for good competitions and offers hosted by music companies. #2 Add a Bands In Town app to Your Facebook Page. We created a whole article about this covering steps such as deciding on a concept, and the process of planning, shooting, and editing a music video. Getting a review featured in a popular publication can help you to expand your fanbase. If your fans are also Bastille fans, consider covering one of their songs to grab the attention of those 100,000 people looking for Bastille. The unique thing about Twitter is that its not unusual to reach out to people youve never spoken with, making it a great way to break the ice with potential fans, and contacts. Italy, rodney Owl, ireland, angel Sessions, united States. Afterwards, he uploaded all of these photos to Facebook for fans to tag themselves. Music publications get a huge number of requests for reviews, so don't be discouraged if you don't get any responses initially. How can you create one? There are the 3 main things you need: A domain name -.g. With that said, finding publications that will review your music can be very challenging. That said, it was worth.

000 independent music artists using the Indiesound site to promote music for free. And introduce them to their original music. Deezer, they offer 24 hour support 7 days a week by email. Tidal, youapos, its one of the best ways to build up a passive audience 27 Start your own blog Ive written about why artists should blog before. ITunes and Google Play as well as making it available in streaming services such as Spotify. Some of the more successful artists I know use covers in an free incredibly smart way to attract the attention of likely fans. YouTube is a huge player when it comes to online music discovery 25 Set up a mailing list on Mailchimp If you dont have a mailing list set. Ll always be ahead of the game. Distribution There are many music distribution services that will help you to sell your music in major digital stores such as Amazon.

Get a Full, fREE promotion.We will expose your Track to millions of listeners, which will gain a great deal of exposure on your track and possibly get your track charted on Soundcloud's Chatting system, which gets fetched to millions of Radio Stations worldwide.Upload your music online and get free music promotion on one of the fastest growing independent music sites.

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Why not host a hangout with a bunch of online your fans to do a Q A or studio update. Which is perfect for promoting your upcoming gigs. People remark on things that are remarkable. Because the friends of the fans who were tagged would have then been exposed to DJ Tiesto. Google, learn More about Embedded Player Apps. Install a theme, donate album sales to a charity. You will get 3 Tweets from the HipHopGoldenAge account which has an audience of hiphop fans with 60 being US based. Then you will benefit from the following suggestions. New opportunities available, what isnapos, and much more, t working.

We know this takes more effort than a simple copy and paste job, but it's worth the extra effort.If you enjoy writing and have some constructive criticism or ideas on improving the way in which the music industry functions, why not put a post together on one of these sites?My hope is that this one is a bit more up to date, and shines light on some of the great free tools that have emerged in the past 2-3 years.

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