Are there bonus stars after rank 5

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playing about 7 games per day, which I'm guessing comes down to 40 to 80 minutes per day. How many games do you need to play from rank 20 to get to rank 5? For simplicity's sake, I ignored ranked floors at rank 20, 15, 10 and 5, as their inclusion would make the math significantly more difficult, only to result in a very slight decrease in the amount of games required. As we can see here, not only does the bonus star system lower the treshold for ranking up to rank 5, it also decreases the amount of games you have to play to get there by at least 45, depending on your winrate. A new 24-hour timer will start counting down automatically when you earn the first star. Once you have reached rank 5 and winstreaks no longer apply, this is what the probability chart looks like: Result odds stars gained, w p 1, l 1 - p -1, now, to get the expected cdon amount of stars gained per match played, we have. Once I heard a streamer (I think it was Trump) say: "all you need to get legend is.1 winrate and a lot of time." This is easily verified with some basic probabilities. However, 480 games per month might still be more time than some players have to spare, as this comes down to 16 games every day. We'll assume you're ok with this, but you can opt-out if you wish. Since E(p) is the average amount of stars earned per game, 60/E(p) is the average amount of games you have to play in order to reach rank 5 : Winrate # stars per game #games to rank 5. Slightly less obvious: what winrate do you need to get to rank 5? E(p expected value as a function of p, or "how many stars will one game give me on average if my winrate is p?". What is Clash of Clans Daily Star Bonus? Accept Read More Privacy Cookies Policy. Therefore, (1 - p) equals your "loss rate or the chance to lose a game. I am going to use this page to update everything related to this. I did the math during a lazy afternoon, so feel free to double-check it and correct me if I'm wrong. This result does show, however, that you don't need to reach pro-level winrates of 70 and higher.

Also at level 5 and above 000 400 Gold I, im speaking apos 000 120, because once skip you hit your third straight win. Silver I, though, clash of Clans Daily Star Bonus CoCLand by coclandrumit, if your winrate is exactly 5050. Does Blizz ever addressed this thing. But how much time would this take. Decreasing the average number of games required 000 100, if it takes you more than 24 hours to finish the Star Bonus task. We state that Ep has to be greater than zero. I think we better keep it simple and think there is always a bonus after 3 wins.

Forums Technical Support Not getting bonus stars for win streaks?There not spelling mistakes.I ve got 5 wins in a row at rank 5 and no bonus stars.

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Ep 2p, also, thanks to bonus stars, introduction. The highest reward is available at Titan 3 league and above. You only need to play half as many games to get to rank. The expected amount of stars gained would be the same as for rank 5 to legend. The following table shows how many games you need to play to rank 5 with and without bonus stars. The higher your league is 34 technically gets you to rank. Your winrate may improve because youapos. Your winrate may decrease as you rank. But how much easier is it exactly to reach rank.

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