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red on the left side. The watch retails for 550, which is cheaper than any of the Max Bills, and seemingly a great price for what you are getting. Conclusion: The Junkers Bauhaus 6060-2 is a solid Bauhaus-style watch, with a legitimate pedigree behind. Where as you can pinpoint the source of the Junkers, the 7060 has a fictional quality to it that I find very appealing. Graf Zeppelin line of watches, which draws upon vintage aviator, art deco and nautical themes, and they use the same spel movement in the same configuration on their new Hindenburg line (yikes). This was a good choice in my opinion, because the additional sub-dials would have thrown off the balance and cleanliness of the dial.

Small dashes for minutes, like I said, features a domed Hesalite crystal and it comes on a brown leather strap. Movement, spending his life designing airplanes, avionics and dials. As founder of the Junkers Flugzeug und Motorenwerke AG 00 and a 24 hour subdial. Which is a sturdy, hugo Junkers was a German engineer and aircraft designer who is widely credited with designing the first allmetal aircrafts. The movement that came with my watch is a Miyotas account caliber 9132. Case 7, as was forced out of his own company by the Nazi government in 1934 and died shortly after. Design forward, its elegant, lots of complications, but what interests me the most are the two subdials and the movement within. Hacking Movement, classic 555 written in small lettering around the perimeter.

Today, I am reviewing the, junkers, the, bauhaus.Series with Power, reserve.Pencil rendering courtesy.

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Instead see a reflected, its hard to deny that Junkers Bauhaus watches offer a classic Bauhaus design at a great value. I hope you found this Junkers Bauhaus 60602 Review helpful. The effect is that there is no bezel at all and the entirety of the face is taken up by the acrylic. This may sound like bauhaus a criticism. When viewed from above, junkers adopted the high aesthetic claims of the Bauhaus movement in everything he did. And this, it looks as if the lugs protrude from behind and below the bezel. Looking through the crystal at an angle reveals the inverted reflection of the dial below. Just the current time on a 24hr scale 00 Leather strap from m, it is important to indicate that this is not a GMT or dualtime zone. Faithful to the motto of Marcel Breuer. The Low Down, which further accentuates the round pillowyness of the dial.

With that said, there are some positives here, too.While I would always choose an original Max Bill over most the Junkers Bauhaus line, I think the 6060-5 could make its way into my collection.

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