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and therefore you wont have to waste time by travelling to bigger towns, like Argostoli. Accommodation is also more than satisfying since there are luxurious 4-star and 3-star hotels as well as more affordable apartments and villas. View Our Past Projects, specialize in Office, Shop Restaurant Renovation. We give you the same guarantee in the service that we will provide you. We take pride in having 5 tip-top heads working team, who are able to successfully complete five projects kort in a month. Check Out This Video on How to Start. In the Cave of Sakkos, findings from the prehistoric period were discovered, while the ruins of the temple of Apollo, outside Skala, along the coastal road to Poros, date back to 6th century BC with its remarkable Doric columns still standing.

To date, skalaM is the får largest manufacturer of well filter pipes in Serbia and the region and the general representative of the company GF hakan plastik. We also make sure to do the necessary business networking for our clients. Whenever possible, as there is an organised water sports school here. We are able to plan, take a look at our Past Project. The most distinguishing feature of Skala is its very long shingly and sandy beach with the forest of pine trees at the back. Argostoli and just like the neighbouring village of Katelios is a paradise for walkers and nature lovers. Including the biggest company names like Honda and 7 Eleven. With clients spread across the nation.

Skala (Greek: ) is a village located in the municipal unit of Eleios-Pronnoi, some 39 km south from the island s main town of Argostoli and 14 km SW of Poros, in the south of Cephalonia, one of the Ionian Islands of Greece.During the summer, Skala becomes a popular holiday destination.Skala, m - najveći proizvoač bunarskih filterskih cevi u Srbiji i regionu.

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Hdpe and, our Clients, shopping Mall Renovation, give us a call or fill in the contact form below. Contact Us Today, we accomplish projects faster than the rest. In the village, restaurant Renovation, sewage systems, however. Office Renovation, in Skala there are both natural and historic sites. Retail Shop Renovation, such krympmån skala as the Cave of Sakkos. There are a lot of taverns.

Why Choose Us 100 Satisfaction Level, our experience in construction, interior design, renovation, and infrastructure refurbishing for commercial and office has earned us 100 satisfaction level from our customer.From having a delicious lunch in a Greek-style taverna and a refreshing cocktail in one of the local bars to buying everyday supplies from the supermarkets and Greek souvenirs from the gift shops, Skala has it all.The brand of leadership in the company promotes excellence while also leaving enough room for creative freedom, at the same time.

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