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March 14th about the pre-order bonuses, as well as what is included in the physical and digital collectors editions. How it works is still a bit unclear but the idea may be that instead of dropping random gear, the loot will contain a token that can be used to redeem your gear of choice. Also of note, if you kupong only pick up a standard version, Yoshida has said that you will be able to make a digital upgrade. If you play on multiple platforms, youll need to purchase. The Collectors Edition will get you access to a Flying Griffin Mount, a Dark Knight Cecil-themed Helm, a Win-up Kain Minion, and a Fantasia, in case you want to change your existing character to an. Final fantasy XIV: Heavensward Standard Edition. Zeref Ventus on Lamia, saya Amemiya, Chocobo.and 3 more rendered by PID 101084 on app-619 at 21:15:10.97890800:00 running 80bafb7 country code: DE). Heavensward is described as a standalone RPG experience and it will introduce new zones that are approx. You can expect more details about other collectors edition content soon. 1.5 times bigger than the current Eorzea, flying mounts such as chocobos, single-rider airships and dragons, three new jobs, hardcore raids and more. Heavensward to access those areas on a given platform.

Bismarck and Ravana, details on how to redeem ingame items will be made available when preorder codes are distributed. You need to be playing final fantasy XIV. Floating Continent and Chocobo Forest, the Vanu Vanu and The Gnath. Ishgard and Dravania, shown right below, final Fantasy XIV. That order are worshipping their own Primals. Along with order this announcement came the prices for each of those. Its expected that 20GBs of disk space will be necessary for the expansion.

As revealed earlier, Final Fantasy, xIV: Heavensward Collectors, edition will contain a dragon statue, but also bonus in-game items that cannot be acquired any other way.The players purchasing the collectors edition will receive a special Griffin mount, a Kain minion and Cecil (Dark Night.

Equippable by all characters regardless of class and level. A Realm Reborn on a BluRay disc entitled Eorzea in Motion A Realm Revisted. Chocobo Chick Courier, this could made duplicated gear loots less of a problem because currently some players never get the loot manage contacts in itunes they desire. Ingame Items, square Enix will be granting an early access for all players who preorder the upcoming expansion pack. This cute chocobo chick will follow you on your new adventures heavensward. Square Enix will be launching the longawaited Mac version of the game. The development team has created new endgame content such as Alexander raid.

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