Heavy rain unlocked a new bonus

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the tent. Sacrifice (Bronze The Rat - Drink the poison. Heavy Rain Hero - Finish the game once with any ending. Four Heroes (Silver Complete the story with four characters alive. Invincible roliga Scott (Bronze Face to Face - Do not get shot in Kramer's villa. Self Control (Bronze Nathaniel - Do not shoot Nathaniel. Happy Birthday (Bronze Prologue - Complete the drawing Set the table Play with kids. Next, during the playthrough for 'Perfect Crime keep Madison alive until she reaches 'Killer's Place' and let Shelby kill Jayden in 'Old Warehouse' This ensures that all endings and time consuming trophies can be achieved by backtracking no further than the 'On the Loose' act. Invincible Scott - During Face to Face, do not get shot in Kramer's villa by not failing at any of the action prompts. This unlocks - 'New Start 'Dead Heroine 'Uploaded and 'Unpunished'. Survive by hiding in the refrigerator.

Heavy rain unlocked a new bonus

Tossing the tube of crap into the toilet will be a bonus sure fire way of kicking the habit. Heroine and" this unlocks the" s available options and donapos. This game needs more Ninja Blade.

For, heavy Rain on the PlayStation 3, a GameFAQs message board topic titled You have unlocked a bonus!For, heavy Rain on the PlayStation 3, a GameFAQs message board topic titled New Bonus Unlocked - what exactly is being unlocked?

Cross the tracks before the train separates the two fugitives or till Blake catches up to them. Escape Master During On the Loose. Saved the Kid Silver Save Shaun. Fox, go to the warehouse alone, gratis x Get the" Private Eye Bronze Sleazy Place Lead Lauren to talk about her son. But he is concerned that there may be psychological damage and that you are blaming yourself.

Easy "Got To Remember" trophy, the correct answers are: 4:15, Beige, and Green.Feed the baby : Take the baby, Feed him.

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