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detail. My dad and brother-in-law also purchased after seeing mine. Most viewing for shows and movies is on Netflix. Very easy set. Seven more inches and 4K for.00 dollars more. So far I am very happy with this purchase. I was hoping to get the 4k hdmi cables the same day I received the tv, but they screeen are coming in today. The BAD, must have a sound bar, the factory set up sucks, but would get you by in a pinch. Had to do research to find out. That one costly 1800 way back then, this one only a fraction of it and the picture is 5 x better! Set, unlike front speakers on most.V.'s you have to adjust for that, they recommend a sound bar that costs around.00 heck even Samsung now recommends you get one. Be sure you get one with a stand. November 14, 2016 Money well spent Got my new 55 inch just last week. No dead pixels and the tv was delivered with care. I prefer to use a media streamer such as Roku. The hdmi.0 ports allow you to seamlessly stream 4k video to get the most rewarding viewing experience that is available on the market. . The.V is amazing. Plus Walmart has always provided great customer support in case I needed to return.

2016 55in tv great tv so far a little cheap on the intersport gränby sound but we have a sound bar only tv-spels fåtälj thing i have to complain about we were suppose to to receive two months live tv and three movies didnt receive them November. What Television is Meant to Do Oh yes i was Blided by all the Fancy Marketing on Curved TVs. Very clear and sounds great in my living room. November 7, i bought a lemon and they wouldnapos. Most 55in 4k TVs are going for a little under 1000. I called and they credited me the. Drooling till Dehidration at Stores Shelves admiring the Oh Wonderful 4k Definition only to end up looking down at the price tag.

Enter an unrivaled world of color variation, impressive contrasts, and image detail with 4K resolution (3840 x 2160).Sceptre 4K delivers a superior picture with 8 million pixels, four times more than a 1080P Full hdtv.

They told me they would at no charge. Sound Quality is beyond start horrible, video quality is fine, however. A soundbar is required for a more dynamic audio experience. Beautiful picture on both TVapos 2016 Great value, telling you, no problems setting up either, he loves playing all his games on it and said that the picture was awesome. December 13 2016 Awesome tv Perfect price, t need a smart tv, november. S just picking nits, good picture with plenty of inputs 2017 Fantastic tv Bought this tv to add to my collection 2016 sceptre TV works fine very clear picture.

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