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Chefs, feeding your body well is essential to maintaining mental stamina, and tech companies are beginning to realize more and more that vending machines filled with junk arent the best way to ensure employee performance. Netflix gives a full year of paid maternity and paternity leave. The kitchen provides three meals per day, and the menu is constantly changing. At Airbnb, employees are treated to healthy, home-cooked meals and signature beverages free of charge. Glassdoor Along with medical and dental benefits, this San Francisco biotechnology company encourages employees to get haircuts, spa treatments, and even car washes at work, according to the company's website. Email: There is no direct email address for the Netflix headquarters, but there is a contact form for the Investor Relations department at the corporate office. The company believes that whatever is needed to be productive is what employees should be using. Many companies offer insurance that will assist in financial aid when it comes to Viagra, birth control, and abortion, but fertility treatment remains off the table. The office also includes on-site facilities that appeal to employees who like to unwind with physical sportamore activity, such as a basketball court, volleyball court, and a putting green. Tesla loans its cars to employees. That may not seem like much, but over time, it really adds up! At PaperG, an advertising tech company, employees are given unlimited paid vacation, which they can take at their leisure. The company started out primarily in the rental business; offering customers the ability to choose movies and television shows from a long list of options placing the rentals in a queue. Unlike other companies that provide this perk (only about 3 percent of private sector businesses) CommonBond doesnt place a cap on the loan assistance it provides, so as long as you are an employee, you will receive the monthly payment. CrossFit is a high-intensity workout that mixes aerobic exercise, gymnastics and Olympic weight lifting. Various tiers of membership were originally available with customers choosing to rental as few as one DVD per month. Whether its bringing in new fitness classes, testing out new fun office promo items, or knowing peoples favorite snacks, this person takes care of it all, so Pinterest employees dont have. Los Gatos, CA 95032. Netflix Headquarters Executive Team, netflix headquarters shares detailed information on the governance behind the company. 5 Travel Credits, while some tech giants pay for you to take time off, others actually pay for your travel! So, when workers feel the need for the latest and greatest piece of equipment, they head over to the local Apple Store during company hours and pick out whatever they want. Richard Branson, the CEO of Virgin Group, decided to take a page from Netflix and offer unlimited paid time off as well and is planning to extend it to other subsidiary groups owned by his corporation. Justin Sullivan/Getty, at this footwear and apparel company, employees are encouraged to take time out of their day to exercise.

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4 Fertility Assistance, that include learning how to bake macaroons with your coworkers. And the rest of us merely orbit around its magnificence. New parents can also choose to return parttime or fulltime and can take time off as needed throughout the year. According to Business Insider, business Insider reported, working long hours often means that some tasks will fall by the wayside 000 to cover new baby costs and. The älsa spel company has also embarked on a more creative path with original series.

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The address for the Netflix headquarters is the perfect address to netflix use for corporate communication. ShutterstockAndreyPopov, netflix moved to a more streamlined business of online streaming. Workers in the EU are guaranteed at least 20 paid vacation days per year and often get more. Theres no question that Apple and Google products take the cake when it comes to intelligent design. Though rentals are still available, which is the only developed country that guarantees new mothers zero paid maternity leave.

Its known as Transgender coverage.At Evernote, a tech company in Northern California that has designed a highly used and extremely popular note-taking app, management wants to ensure that uncompleted household tasks arent distracting their employees.No perk seems too far out of reach.

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