Key topics


  • Statistical methodology for clinical research in rare diseases
  • Unbiased reporting, integrity and ethics
  • Innovative trial design
  • Inference in infectious disease epidemics
  • Statistics for pharmacoepidemiology
  • High dimensional data: analysis of microbiota data
  • Subgroup analyses
  • Dynamic prediction in oncology
  • Dynamic treatment regimes

  • STRengthening Analytical Thinking for Observational Studies (STRATOS)

Further topics of interest


  • Survival analysis
  • Meta-analysis across interventional and observational studies
  • Resampling methods
  • Big data
  • Measurement issues in multilevel context, clinical scale validity and reliability
  • Causal inference with a focus on life course epidemiology
  • Statistics in practice
  • Causal modelling
  • Latent variable models
  • Joint modelling
  • Multiplicity
  • Non-parametric methods
  • Predicitve modelling
  • Missing values
  • Mixed models
  • Stepped Wedge and Cluster randomized trials
  • Predictive analysis