Conference venue

Utrecht University Campus "De Uithof"


The conference will be held at the Utrecht University Campus "De Uithof" in the Educatorium and Marinus Ruppert gebouw (floorplan). The buildings are situated next to each other in the middle of the campus. The campus is located to the east of the city (map).


Getting there


If you register for the conference you can specify if you want a public transport pass or a rental bike  The pass or bike will be given to you at the registration desk the Educatorium building.


The venue can easily be reached by bus or bike (Heidelberglaan, bus lines 12 and 28) and takes approximately 15 minutes travel time from the city centre. When coming by car, the best place to park your car (for free) is the Jenalaan parking lot. From there it is only a 10 minute walk to the conference venue.


The entrance of conference venue at the Heidelberglaan will be marked by flags with the ISCB 2015 logo.


About the buildings


The Educatorium was built in 1997 after a design by the renowned Dutch architect Rem Koolhaas. It houses the two largest auditoria of the university with 500 and 400 seats. The Ruppert building is the oldest building in the campus. It is attached to the Educatorium and has over 30 rooms, 7 of which are auditoria ranging from 80 to 280 seats. The rooms are located on both sides of the large long hall at the centre of the building.